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Tips to Choose Your Nails Design

Tips to Choose Your Nails Design

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Do you want to apply any type of the fake nails found out there or are you just willing to choose a design that could be easily done or drawn by the regular nail polish? Do you want to create a design suitable for the daily life tasks and experiences or are you willing to design your nails for a specific occasion that you are going to attend? There are different questions to ask yourself before choosing a design for your nails because nails design will always depend on the occasion you are going to attend, the clothes you are going to wear, as well as the general taste that you prefer.

The world of nails is expanding every single day because nail specialists are always digging deep to explore new trends for their clients. There are fake nails which you could apply like the gel and the acrylic, there are those which you could stick and remove after finishing your day, and there are some designs which you could choose to do with the manicure colors that you have.

How to Choose Nail Art Designs?

Everything related to fashion should go hand in hand in the planning phase; what we are trying to say is that the clothes you are going to wear should always match the nail polish color you are going to apply and these should be matching the makeup you are going to wear as well as the accessories you are going to choose, everything should be related to the other in order to bring out the best outcome and at the same time let you appear as a fashionable icon.

Fashion comes in everything, so if you think that it is just about the clothes that you might be wearing then you are wrong because the trends related to your nails are also changing every single minute and new things are always appearing on the surface. There are of course different cute nail designs which you could choose from out there but in order to choose the most suitable ones for you, there are some tips to follow.

These different tips related to choosing nail design ideas include:

  • Browse All the Options

You will never be able to settle on one design if you don’t know all the options that you have out there or even have an idea about the designs that you could apply. A lot of women consider designing their nails as part of pampering themselves and even though this is considered true to a great extent, there are those who only tend to apply it to complete their outfit when they are heading to an important event, so this is exactly when they should be careful with their choice.

The first thing is to go through all the designs found out there and which should be related to the type you want to apply; ex. Acrylic nails, then you will move on to the next step which is related to the event you are going to attend. So first, make sure to view as much designs as possible then point out the ones you prefer the most and set them on the side.

  • Keep the Occasion or Event in Mind

Now you have an idea about the designs found out there and which are related to the nail polish type that you want to apply, but you should make sure that the nail technician have the skills to draw on your nails without ruining them and you should also make sure that the nail spa that you are in is clean enough and follow all the rules. Once you get through this first step, you will now think about the event you are going to attend and which you are applying the nail polish design for; is it a wedding? Are you going to a birthday party? Are you attending a night party?

The occasion is important because what you might apply for your friend’s wedding might not be suitable for a night party and what you might apply for an important work meeting will never be the same thing to apply for your birthday outing. If you are not applying the nail polish for a specific event or occasion and you want to make something that goes with all then choose the right colors and the right designs that will never make you look weird in a place just because you never thought about it with that specific nail design.

In addition to choosing something that is perfectly suitable for all the places that you usually go, whenever you choose a specific nail design for the everyday life, you should check back with your work supervisors that applying nail polish with different designs is considered acceptable in the first place because some places never allow that especially if you are working somewhere related to cooking for example.

  • Never Forget about the Clothes You are Going to Wear

The event or occasion is considered very important, but so are the clothes which you are going to wear to this event. The designs for nails are chosen according to the clothes you are going to wear; both the style as well as the colors and this pretty much sums up why you should always keep your outfit in mind while you are in the nail spa in order not to go back home and realize that what you have chosen and applied is not matching the things you are going to wear.

If you are going to attend a wedding then it means you will be wearing a soiree dress and this gives you the chance to apply something that is sexy and might be even glittery. On the other hand, if you are attending a work meeting, you will never be able to apply the same thing because you are neither allowed to wear something that is glittery nor something that is revealing or sexy, so you will choose something that is simple and does not grab the attention to it.

  • Choose According to Your Work Life

This tip is important for those who are going to choose a specific nail design that will live with them for a couple of days and not just for a specific day or event. Keeping in mind the lifestyle that you are living as well as the work life that you go through is beneficial because sometimes the designs that you might choose could not be comfortable when it comes to the tasks that you usually do and thus might not give you the chance to do them or else you might get your nails broken easily.

In order to make sure that you are not going to live this experience of having your nails broken, first of all, you will consider the design you have chosen and think about the tasks that you do daily at home, will you be able to handle them with these nails? After considering your home, you will move forward and check your ability to do your work tasks which you are responsible for at the workplace and also consider doing them but with new nails, could you go through the same routine? This will give you the chance to decide whether the nail design that you have fallen for is considered suitable for you or not.

Tips for Cool Nail Designs

These above tips are considered important because they will let you know which nail design is suitable for your lifestyle, for the outfit you are going to wear, or for the occasion you are going to attend. After going through these tips and considering them, it is important to know that the styles for the pretty nail designs are different and might include several techniques, which urges you to know them all in order to choose as well as know what the nail technician is doing for your nails.

The different designs out there include:

  • The Hand Painted Designs

These are the simple ones which the nail technician will draw them easily on the nails using the regular nail polish. This is considered cheap to apply in a nail salon and could be even done at home after several trials; all what he/she might add is simple glitters to improve the whole design.

  • The Texture Techniques

This is another design that some women prefer and which is also not expensive when done at a nail salon, because it is usually done with the regular nail polish colors in order to create attractive designs. This is another technique that could be easily applied at home with using some of the household tools and objects.

  • The Air Brush Design

This is one of the techniques that make the process of applying nail polish a lot easier because this is all done through a machine that sprays nail polish directly on the nails. When this is done in the nail salon, it might be considered cheap, but if you are going to do it at home then it will be a little bit expensive because you will need to buy the machine itself first.

  • Rhinestones and Decals

These are small pieces which you choose in order to decorate your nails with. The rhinestones are like flowers or other small centerpieces that you could depend on, but the decals are those stickers which you stick on the nails and apply the nail polish over or otherwise, just make sure you are choosing good brands which will be kept on the nails without easily falling.

  • Piercing

Piercing is not just now done on different body parts but the trend is that it could now go on the nails as well. This might be a little bit tricky and that is why we don’t usually recommend women to do it, but for those who will choose this technique, they have to be very careful with their choice and should pick the right salon which they will trust.

Choosing the nail tip designs is very important because in addition to the different colors and techniques found out there, there are other important things to keep in mind in order to choose something that will suit the occasion, the season, as well as your personality. Your nails should always represent you and they will even deliver a small message about your personality and that is the reason why choosing something that truly represents you and which you like is always an important thing.

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