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Tips for Applying Acrylic Nail Designs

Tips for Applying Acrylic Nail Designs

Designing your nails does not only happen on the real ones that you care about, but there are now some types of artificial nails which could be applied on the real nails and could stay with you for weeks. Treating the acrylic nails will be different from treating your real ones, because once they are ruined, they will ruin the first layer of the real nail that is lying underneath them. There are some important information to know about acrylic nails, how they should be applied, and how they are supposed to be treated, and then you could choose whether you want to wear such nails or cut your journey for the side effects short and stick to your real fingernails.

Acrylic Nail Art

Although there are now a lot of those girls who want to apply acrylic nails just for the beautiful look they give for their fingers, the main reason others tend to go for it is either to cover up the ruined real nails that they have, which is not something good because they should work on treating them, or because they will be travelling for a couple of weeks and want to apply something that will stay with them for the longest period of time.

We will never deny the fact that when acrylic nails are applied, they look beautiful, but only when it is done in a way that is too close to the real nails in order not to be directly spotted out as fake; but as much as they look beautiful, they might be bringing some side effects to your real nails without you even realizing, especially if you are one of those who tend to do it all the time without giving the fingernails the chance to stay real for some time and take a break from all the chemicals that it is exposed to.

To apply any of the acrylic nail styles, you should always keep specific things in your mind, such as:

  • You Should Always Clean Your Nails from Old Nail Polishes

The acrylic nails will never be applied on your nails if you have any nail polish already applied; your hands need to be totally clean and ready for any new things that are going to be applied on it. Make sure that after you remove the nail polish well from your nails, you wash them before going further with the preparation phase.

  • Prepare Your Nails for the Acrylic Designs

You are not supposed to do it just like that, but your fingernails should be prepared for such a thing and by preparation, we are not only referring to the cleaning part of the nail polish, but we are also referring to cutting the nails to a good length, filing them, as well as pushing the cuticles. When you apply the acrylic nails, they should never come any close to the cuticles, so use the stick specialized for such process and push the cuticles gently backwards; never cut or trim them.

There are two schools related to filing the nail plates; those who will advise you never to do it in order not to ruin your nails, and those who will tell you to do them gently just to give the acrylic nails the chance to adhere to your nails. The final step to take is brushing any excess dust on your nails with the dusting brush in order not to trap under the acrylic layers.

  • Choosing Whether to Apply a Tip or Not

Now your nails should be ready for the other chemicals and substances to be applied on them. Before you go on with applying the acrylic nails, you will need to choose whether you are going to add nail tips or not. This choice will depend on the level of satisfaction that you have towards the length of your real nails; if you like them then the tips are not needed, if you don’t then you could choose to add the tips. When you are choosing the nail tips, make sure to do so according to the shape of your nails and not according to what you like the most.

  • Start Applying the Liquid and the Powder

If you are not still aware of what the acrylic nails are or how they are made then you should know that they are made from two substances; liquid which is known as monomer, and the powder which is referred to as polymer. So when you get to the point where you are going to apply the acrylic nails, you will need to mix both in order to create the nails. Never try to mix both in the same containers they come in because this might transfer infections, but use two separate jars, every single one on its own.

To do it and to adhere the tip that you have chosen to the nail, you will dip a small brush in both formulas to build up and blend the tip to the nail into one thing that looks natural. Make sure to do it right and pay attention while you are doing it because not doing it right might lead to lumpy, too thick, or crooked nails.

  • File and Buff the Acrylic Nails

Once you have applied the acrylic nails, which will harden when they are exposed to air for a couple of minutes, you will need to file and buff in order to get the final shape and length that you want; this buffing process will also help you to get rid of any remaining acrylic debris.

  • Paint and Polish the Acrylic Nails

To have those beautiful acrylic nails, it is now the time to paint and polish them according to the design that you have in mind. A lot of people think that the acrylic nails themselves are the ones that come colored, but they are not, they come in the transparent color that is then covered with ordinary nail polish. You could choose any color you prefer, and because the acrylic nails stay for a longer period of time, the nail applied on them will also stay longer than when you tend to apply it on your real nails; so you will end up having manicure for a longer period of time without the need to remove and reapply it every two days.

  • Maintain Your Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails stay for a period of time but that does not mean that they will not need some maintenance to look better. The acrylic nails grow with the real nails, so that when the real nails grow, there will be a space between the cuticles and the acrylic nails which will need to be filled for different reasons; first, in order to make your cute acrylic nails the same as they are; second, in order to prevent any infection that might happen due to the space that the acrylic nail might create between it and the real nail.

When it comes to maintenance, you should also know that the nail polish applied on the acrylic nails should be always removed with using non-acetone remover because the acetone one might soften the acrylic and ruin it.

What You Should Take Care of When it Comes To Your Acrylic Nails

Any of the different acrylic nail ideas that you might try should not harm your fingernails or your hands if you don’t intend to wear them all the time without giving exposing the real nails to some oxgyen, but there are still some side effects that might happen and which you are supposed to watch out for, such as the infections. The infection that happen from acrylic nails appear due to the space that might be created between the artificial nail and the real one when it grows; this space provides a moist and warm environment in which the nail infection can nourish.

The infection of the nail could be also caused by those acrylic nails that are too long and rigid, and it might be caused when the nail technician is using tools that are not sanitized. To know whether your nails are infected or not, you should witness redness, swelling, and pus, and whenever you see any of these symptoms, you should directly contact your doctor and start dealing with the process.

There are different tips to follow in order to keep yourself as far away from these infections and side effects as possible:

  • First of all, choose the nail salons that are licensed to do acrylic nails or any of these artificial nail types. When you deal with a nail technician, also make sure that you are choosing the one who is licensed and the one who sterilizes the tools before using them on you and washes his/her hand before dealing with your nails.
  • Ask for a new nail file to be used or bring your own with you because this is one of the things that could not be sterilized.
  • Visit the nail salon every two weeks in order to get filling for the acrylic nails that have grown with the real ones to avoid any infections.
  • Try not to apply acrylic nails that are too long, but instead stick to the style and the length that will suit your nails.

Playing with the nails; the way they look and the way they are painted is always a great thing and even fun when one tends to do it by herself. When you apply the acrylic nails, you should first learn to do it on an artificial nails and hands in order not to mess up with your own. The painted acrylic nails are the best looking ones out there, but before applying them; know more about the side effects in order not to ruin your nails.

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