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The Life of the Nail Technician

The Life of the Nail Technician

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It is important to give your nails an attractive look and care about how they appear but in order to get the chance to reach this result, you will need the professional nail technician who will help in the process or at least start the journey to give you the tips needed to keep going with it. There are different things that the nail technician might be responsible for; she will be the one to cut the nails, file them, choose the right shape of the nails and even the right colors and design, and she will be also the one to guide you through the important tips that will give you the chance to take care of your nails all the time.

It is not just important to take care of your nails for yourself and your own hygiene and health, but it is also important because the people around you who you are dealing with might build the first image and impression about you in their minds through the cleanliness of your nails and the way you are taking care of them.

What is a Nail Technician?

Nail technician is the one who is responsible to take care of your nails; this is usually the first answer women tend to give when they are asked what is nail technician, but there are different tasks and responsibilities which this person will be responsible for and thus should always carry a specific certificate and must go through some education and training to understand how things should be done and get the chance to carry all the information needed to care for the customer and at the same time provide the right information needed when asked.

A nail technician is the person who is also referred to as the beauty specialist because he/she will be responsible for different things that are all related to the look and health of the person. The nail technician is responsible for the grooming and appearance of the client’s fingernails and toenails; that person should be able to provide manicures, pedicures, nail shaping, cuticle grooming, callus removal, synthetic nail treatments, as well as the nail application for the client.

It is important to differentiate between the nail technician and the manicurist; the nail technician will be the one to carry out all these previous services for the client and be well trained about them all, but he/she will never be able to provide any other services that the salon might be offering. On the other hand, the manicurist will be able to carry out all these same services to the client but might be able to offer any of the other ones related to different other body areas and parts which the salon offers in general.

What Does Successful Nail Technicians Do?

Understanding the difference between any nail technician and the ordinary manicurist is important and after that point, you will need to know that this is the main reason why there are some nail salons which will be only specified in serving finger and toe nails, and there are those salons which serve women in different areas, starting from the hair and ending with putting manicure and applying makeup.

Nail technicians will usually be the ones working in the nail salons and there are different things which they will be doing; they are trained on the techniques of filing, cleaning and grooming fingernails and toenails which include the trimming and removal of the cuticle, moisturizing the skin of the hand and foot, as well as removing the dead skin in the areas and making a light massage to the hands and feet to improve relaxation and circulation. In addition to these initial things related to taking care of the nails, there are also some other tasks which the nail technician will be responsible for, such as applying any of the fake nails found out there like the acrylic or the gel, a decorative art design, as well as applying small jewelry if needed; all these will be usually according to the requests of the client as well as the advice given by the nail technician according to his/her experience and artistic point of view.

What Do I need to be a Nail Technician?

In order to be a nail technician, there are different things to go through and have other than the talent, because you need your clients to trust you with things other than the pictures they might come across related to the designs you have managed to do before on your clients. Creativity is beneficial but so is the certificate that will bring you to the right place and give you the chance to apply your designs and use your creative mind and hands.

There are different things which you will need to have and carry in order to become one of those successful nail technicians that people could trust and who could offer the right type of service and information to their clients. Among these different things which you will need to have, we should mention:

  • Passion

You will never manage to be creative in anything without carrying the passion for learning it, and this is exactly the same with becoming a nail technician. Passion is not only important to bring out a good outcome at the end, but it is important because it will be the thing to provide you with patience and give you the chance to have a positive attitude with your clients, which is considered the most important thing when it comes to those who are related to any of the customer service roles.

  • Patience

Coming to the second stop related to the skills that any nail technician will need out there, we will mention the importance of being patient; about the clients and their requests, as well as about the design or any of the other services you are doing and providing. Patience is needed from the nail technician in order to pay close attention to details and never rush in any of the things being done; the more the nail technician have patience while providing any of the services to the client, the more he/she will gain positive feedback and at the same time might be recommended to other people searching for a professional nail technician.

  • Creativity

We have mentioned before that the most important thing or skill related to the nail technician is the creativity because he/she might be asked to choose a specific design, shape, or even color according to the outfit or the occasion and at this point the client will be waiting to see something he/she did not expect, but this will never happen without having full trust in the technician which comes from the customer service skills that he/she carries that gives him/her the chance to build good relationships with the clients. Always remember that applying manicure is not just what the nail technician will be responsible for and thus he/she needs to be creative to deliver the right services with the quality needed.

  • Customer Service Skills

There are different jobs out there, some of them might not be related to any direct communication done with the client and some of them are only built on these connections. Nail technicians offer something directly to their clients and this means that they should have the right customer service skills in order to deal correctly with the client. In addition to the results that the client will be waiting to receive, it is also important that the nail technician carries the skills related to building conversations and at the same time provide them with the right service which they will be expecting and might even go to tell their friends and family members about; it is always important to let your client go out of the nail salon with a big wide smile that reflects the service and treatment they have received inside.

  • Knowing of the Latest Trends Available

Coming to one of the most important things that any client will be searching for: the latest trends available out there. In order to become a nail technician, you should always combine between all these different skills we have mentioned and most importantly make sure that you are knowledgeable enough and know of all the latest trends that are appearing out there. The new trends might be related to the designs, the colors used or even about new tools being used and you might be even the one to suggest them to the client and introduce her to something new, which will be considered a point added to your skills and to your feedback as well.

How to Become a Nail Technician?

After knowing more about what nail technicians do and what they are responsible for, it is important now to know how to become a nail technician. In addition to carrying these different skills we have mentioned above, there are other things to do in order to become a nail technician and even a successful one which include:

  • Completing a nail technician program in order to be a certified one and attract more clients to your services and skills. There are different programs out there; those courses which could be finished in three months and degrees which might be taken in two years, it will all depend on your choice and ability but is always important to teach you what you need to know about the whole thing.
  • After completing the program, you will go through an exam and this exam prepares you for taking the license that will allow you to work in any nail salon out there and give you the permission to work on the client’s hands and feet.
  • After getting the license, you will start searching for the right job that is suitable for you. Nail technician salary is not always the same, it is different according to the place, the city, and the country, and that is why you should always search for one that is suitable for you.
  • At this point comes the step of searching for the right clients and build relationships with them to make them loyal and keep them coming back to you all the time.
  • And finally, always give yourself the chance to learn new skills and know about all the different trends that might be appearing to be up-to-date and offer good services for your loyal and new clients.

Nail technician is all about creativity, passion, patience, and customer service skills that give him/her the chance to build the right relationships with the clients and offer them all the needed services they might be searching for. It is important to follow the right steps in order to become a certified nail technician and grow your clientele to keep those clients always coming back to you and even recommending you to other people. It is not hard to become a successful nail technician, but you should be dedicated enough to follow all the steps needed to be taken.

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