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Sparkly Nail Designs

Sparkly Nail Designs

Designing the nails is always considered some fun activity especially after looking at the nails and seeing the outcome. Feeling this fun part will be for those who make their nails on their own, but those who tend to visit nail salons searching for nail technicians are the ones who will only feel happy with the way their nails look at the end. There are different nail designs to try; the flowers, the patterns, the lines, even some tend to draw cartoon characters on their nails, but in order to choose one, you should always think about the outfit as well as the occasion. The sparkly nail polish style might be one suitable for parties and weddings, but it might only be about the nude sparkly nails that suit mornings as well.

Sparkly Nails Ideas

Sparkly means shining; it means having those nails which are glittery and which give you a different queen-like feeling. There are different ways to use glitter on your fingernails and there is even a way to create your own glittery nail polish at home. Nowadays there are different brands that produce the glitter nail polish which you could directly use but the glitters are usually small and might not be the ones you want for the design you are creating.

Another way to apply glitter nail polish is through choosing the type of glitter that you want and sprinkling it on top of the nail polish that you have just applied, or you could add the glitters to the nail polish bottle and shake it well to end up with something that is similar to the one that you managed to buy from the beauty store. If you want to create any of the different sparkly nail polish designs then keep following up with this article because we will suggest some ideas to try.

  • Fingernails with Diamond

This is not real diamond, but it will be something that looks like one. Coloring all your fingernails with glitters is one option to go for but in order to make a twist and do something that is different, you could color your nails with two different nail polish colors; the one you choose and the glittery one. When you are choosing the second nail polish color, make sure that you have the one that is shiny and not the matte, to give your nails the chance to shine.

To apply the glitter on your nails, you should choose one of the techniques we have mentioned above, which will mainly depend on the type of glitters you want. If you choose to sprinkle some glitter on your nails then make sure to overcoat it with another transparent layer of nail polish to make them stay in place as well as make the texture smoother.

  • Use Caviar Sized Beads

Not all the sparkly nail ideas are done with glitters, there are those done with pearls, studs, and different kinds of beads that also look shiny at the end. The caviar sized beads are another tool to use when designing your nails, but it would be one that would look more fashionable when applied on one or two fingernails only.

In this style, you will also choose another color to use next to the beads, when you do; you will need to apply it on all your fingernails. When the nail polish dries, you should start using glue in order to stick the small beads on your ring fingernails of both hands; if you want another, you could do the index finger as well.

  • Glitter at the Tips

This is not a gradient design, but it is not going to cover the whole nails at the same time. This design will be better to do by following the sprinkling technique in order to put the amount that you please on your fingers. Here, you will also need to choose another nail polish color and make sure that when you are doing so, you are keeping yourself away from the matte type to make all your fingers look shiny.

Apply the nail polish on your fingernails and before it dries, start sprinkling the glitter on the tips of your fingers; try not to make it in a straight line because it will make your nails not look professionally done as you want them; try to make it thick on the outside part of the tips and reduce the amount while going deeper into the nail.

  • The Diagonal Nail Design

One of the designs that is always done by regular nail polishes is the diagonal style, which is done by coloring the nails with a certain color and then sticking a tape in a diagonal way then coloring the part that is still exposed; this could be done but instead of using ordinary nail polish on the part that is exposed, you could use glitters.

If you want the glitters with a moderate amount; not too much but not too little, you could buy the glittery nail polish and use it. Sometimes women prefer the huge glitters instead of the tiny small ones, and those could be also found in ready-made nail polishes.

  • Make a Drawing

Yes, you could still create a drawing with the glitters, just make it something easy. One of the creative designs is for those who love heart shapes; and one that is easy to draw and create at the same time. Start by applying your fingers with the nail polish color that you want and give it some time to dry. When the nail polish dries, use a piece of tape and cut the shape of heart on it.

Stick the tape on your fingernail and then color the heart shape with the glitter. In addition to the technique of sprinkling the glitter on the nails in order to manage the amount, there is also another way which urges you to dip your finger into the glitter bottle in order to make it easier; in this design it is better to sprinkle the glitter.

  • French Glitter Design

One of the cute sparkly nail designs that you could try is the French manicure that is done with glitters. French manicure is one of the classy designs that usually fit all the occasions and all the outfits, especially when it is done in the ordinary transparent and white colors. One of the new ways to change the way your French manicure look like is by coloring the tips with glitter instead of the white nail polish color.

First, apply the main basecoat color on all your fingernails and let them all dry. There are stickers specialized for creating the French manicure which would make it easier for you to create the glittery tips. Just stick them and cover the upper part of your nails with glitter then remove the sticker gently and you will have the French nails done and ready.

  • The Gradient Glitter Nail Polish

This might look similar to the one we have mentioned above but it will be more of a gradient and not just coloring the tips of the nails. The gradient color would be better made with a transparent nail polish because it will give the glitter the chance to shine, because when it is added to the same color, it will not turn out to be a gradient style anymore.

Start by applying the basecoat on your fingernails then leave them to dry. Now bring a plate on which you are going to pour the transparent nail polish and some of the glitters. Mix the two things together by swirling the mixture with using a toothpick so that the glitter starts to be more at one side, and then use a sponge to dab it into the mixture then onto your nails. When it comes to the step of dabbing the sponge on your nails, move it gently up and down in order to create the gradient effect.

Sparkly Fake Nails

When the word “fake” is mentioned then it means we are referring to the acrylic or the gel nail types which are now used in order to change how the nails look like. The interesting thing about the acrylic nails is that they could be done with transparent color and could be treated afterwards in the same way women treat their real natural nails, but with the gel fake nails, women will need to choose the color when they are still applying it.

The designs that could be done with the fake nails are almost the same with the real ones since brands are creating all the shades of colors for those artificial things as well. You could do the French glitter design, you could choose two different fingers from every hand to color their nails in a different way, you could choose to draw something easy on your nails by using the glitters, and you could choose millions of other designs just if you are sure that you will create something that is different.

Any sparkly nail design is considered easier that the other nail polishes used in creating different shapes and drawings, because it will mostly depend on sprinkling the glitter with the amount needed on the parts that you want them to be glittery and sparkly.

Sparkly nail designs always look attractive, but they need the right time and the right place to be applied. Some of the simple ones done with transparent and white glitters could be applied during the day, but it is better to leave those shiny styles to a wedding or a party that you are going to attend. When you choose a design, whether glittery or not, make sure that it fits your nails and their shape.

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