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Importance of Nail Hygiene

Importance of Nail Hygiene

Give yourself a couple of seconds to think about all the different things that you manage to do with your hands and your nails specifically and then try to think about whether it is considered safe and appropriate to do all these tasks with your nails or not. You will most probably find that scratching the recharge card, opening cans, cleaning a stuck piece of dirt, and doing millions of other things with your nails will only deliver some germs and bacteria to those nails and fingers which you might eventually transfer to your mouth without even paying attention to it.

Interacting with the outside world exposes you to a lot of bacteria to handle and deal with and that is why cleaning and washing your hands, taking a shower at the beginning of the day, as well as paying attention to other important hygiene tips, will manage to give you a little bit of help when it comes to taking care of yourself and your health, not by totally separating you from this kind of bacteria, but by giving you the chance to fight their appearance and know how to handle them.

Why is Nail Care Important?

Trimming the nails, washing and cleaning the hands, and following some of the other nail care tips shared around is considered an important thing to do because those nails collect a lot of germs and dirt which might then be transferred to the body and lead to the appearance of other diseases and infections that might sometimes be hard to handle and deal with.

There are several things said to people on a regular basis when it comes to the hands, such as “don’t put your hands close to your face when you are outside the house and your hands are not clean”, “don’t eat with your hands unless you go through the process of washing and cleaning them”, “don’t try to get your hands closer to an infant who might start reaching out for them with his/her mouth if you did not wash it first” and many other advices which are all related to keeping the hands clean and making sure that they are washed thoroughly before going into any other process.

The importance of nail care goes back to several reasons, which include:

  • Banning Any Germs and Dirt from Spreading

Keeping the nails always short and trimmed is not just needed for looking better and healthier, but it is needed because it will help in keeping the infections away from you. The interaction that happens between the hands, along with the nails, and the outside world should escalate the whole issue and raise awareness about the danger of not paying attention to such details.

One of the infections that could easily spread through the dirt and germs carried in the nails is known as pinworms, which are small and thin white roundworms that sometimes live in the colon and rectum of humans. While the infected person is sleeping, the female pinworm leave the intestine through the anus and deposit the eggs on the surrounding skin and that is when some of the symptoms will start to appear, such as the itching and scratching of the anal area.

In order to prevent this type of infection there are some tips related to keeping the hands and the body clean all the time which you will need to be following, such as washing the hands appropriately after eating or before handling the food, after using the toilet and after changing the diaper, keeping the fingernails always clean and short, stopping the bad habit of nail biting, and that comes in addition to knowing that taking a shower every day in the morning is considered a healthy thing and comes along with changing the bed sheets, the towels, and the night clothes as well.

  • Avoiding the Different Nail Conditions that Might Occur

There are different poor nail conditions that might occur and which you could find yourself dealing with, these might include getting your nails easily broken, finding out that your nails are changing in color and are appearing a little bit darker, or even realizing that they don’t look as healthy as they used to be; all these different nail conditions should bring you back to proper nail hygiene and to taking good care of these nails once again.

Women nails might get poor easier than those of men and this goes back to the chemicals which they might be exposed to all the time while cleaning or even due to the non-stop manicure which they apply without giving their nails the chance to take some rest, breathe, and bring in some oxygen. There are different bad nail conditions which might appear, such as the brittle nails which occur due to genetics or else from the exposure to chemicals; these nails look dull, can be easily chipped or snapped, and peel between the layers.

In addition to that, the fungal nails is another bad nail condition which might appear and this requires a checkup with the doctor because it makes the nails look discolored and appear thickened when the fungal infection is present. Fungi are anaerobic organisms that thrive in areas where the oxygen is limited and thus the crevices and layers of the nails are considered the best places for them to bread.

There is also the white spots which people always think that they appear due to dietary deficiency when in fact it appears due to banging the nails for example or else due to the tiny oxygen bubbles which might be trapped under the nails; the best way to deal with these spots is to let them grow out. The nails might deal with the ridges or the splits which are caused by the over exposure to the water, or the loose skin around the nails which should be trimmed by using sharp scissors and not by biting them.

Caring for Fingernails

The most important reason for taking care of the nails is to avoid the infections delivered through the dirt or the bacteria finding its place under the nails but there are still other conditions that might be dealt with and which could still be the reason behind not paying good attention to the health of the fingernails and not giving them the needed treatment.

There are different tips out there which should be followed in order to give those nails the chance to grow healthy and always appear attractive, instead of letting them appear dull and discolored. Here are some of these tips to care for your nails:

  • Trim the Nails Regularly

You might be more attracted to long nails and the way they look when nail polish is applied to them but when you get informed with the different problems you might end up facing due to not trimming those nails, you will definitely think twice. As much as you care about trimming your hair to give it that healthy look and let it grow in a healthy way, it is also important to do the same for the nails but this time not just for letting them grow in a healthier way, but also for avoiding them from catching dirt and transforming bacteria.

  • Clean the Hands More Often

Washing the hands should happen more often, it should happen when you go to the toilet, before getting in touch with the food, after finishing your meals, before getting in touch with kids and infants, after changing the diaper, after coming back home from outside, and in many other situations which you are supposed to wash your hands before or after doing them. This is important because making sure that the nails and the skin around them are dirt-free will avoid bacteria and infections from finding their way to you and your body. You could always use an old toothbrush which you are no longer using to wash your nails and the skin around them by applying some soap to it and gently rubbing over the nails; this will clean them and at the same time will remove any dead skin lying out there.

  • Take Care of Your Nail Tools

The proper nail care also comes in the tools that are used; you should always be gentle with treating your hands and nails and this should also come in the tools you are using in cutting and trimming the nails as well as the skin or cuticles around them. These tools which you tend to use for taking care of your nails should be always disinfected after every time you tend to use them and this goes back to avoid the bacteria from finding their place right there. To clean these tools and disinfect them, you will need to wash them with soap and water and then wipe them with rubbing alcohol. Whenever you feel like there is one tool that needs to get changed, do that without postponing because you might just expose your nails to serious problems.

  • Give Your Nails a Break

Manicures, applying fake nails like gel or acrylic, or even getting the hands working all the time like cleaning or even washing the dishes, are all things that could easily direct the health of the nails away from them and that is when you should give your nails a break. Taking a break should happen with wearing gloves when it comes to washing the dishes or when you are going to get in close contact with some chemicals, it also happens by leaving the nails look natural every now and then without exposing them to nail polish or without applying gel or acrylic nails, and it should also happen by going to a nail spa or even doing that at home by applying the right creams on the nails and the skin surrounding them. You should always know that applying nail polish all the time without giving them any breaks in between might lead to weakening them, turning them yellow, or even drying them out easily.

In addition to all these different techniques in taking care of the nails, it is important to know that following the right diet will also provide the nails with the vitamins and protein that they might be in need for, just in the same way the hair and the skin do, and that is why following the previous tips and caring for the things entering your stomach are all things which will keep your nails healthy and avoid them from getting affected by bacteria.

Fingernails are a very important part of the human body since they are the ones mostly exposed when it comes to the outside world and that is why it is important to keep them always presentable by giving them the chance to appear and look healthy. Taking care of nails happen through cleaning them, trimming them, not cutting the cuticles, giving those nails a break, as well as following the other tips mentioned above which will make those fingernails appear healthy and give them the chance to get away from infections.

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