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How to Take Care of Your Beautiful Acrylic Nails

How to Take Care of Your Beautiful Acrylic Nails

Among the different types of artificial nails that women could apply, there is the acrylic and this type is treated in a different kind of way when it is applied and when it is taken care of. Your nails are an important part of your body; they are exposed to the whole world through shaking hands, writing, and through dealing with other people, and that is way making them always clean, good looking, and healthy is one of the important things you should do. To apply an artificial type of nail is not what will make your nails clean, but sometimes they give a different look that your real ones might not be able to turn into by themselves.

Taking Care of Your Acrylic Nails

Creating a different design or some kind of art on your finger or toe nails is a trend nowadays, and as much as those artificial nails are always used and applied, it could be all done with the regular nail polish if the nails themselves are healthy and will be able handle anything drawn on them. Acrylic nails are applied differently than the regular nail polish; they are treated as nail extensions because they help in making the nails look longer. Even though you could do this at home if you have the tools and know how, it is better to start this journey with a nail technician.

Although the outcome and the final look are usually different, the acrylic nails have some side effects that should be considered before applying them. First of all, those nails use chemicals and fumes in order to be applied, and these chemicals might be allergic for some people. Another side effect related to these artificial nails is related to the way they are removed, exposing the nails to acetone for a period of time might be considered unhealthy for them.

Those pretty acrylic nails need a different kind of treatment, so in order to take care of them, you have to:

  • Check and Clean those Nails Daily

Acrylic nails stay with you for a long period of time and in order to keep them clean and good looking, you should be checking on them all the time and making sure that they are clean. Those artificial nails grow with the original nail, so there will be a space appearing at the top, right under the cuticle, which will require a visit to the nail salon in order to repair it, and this goes back for different reasons other than the bad look of them; they might cause some problems to the nail due to the pressure that the acrylics will be applying on the nails or the space that is left between the acrylic nail and the real one.

There are some steps which you are supposed to go through on a daily basis if you got those acrylic nails; first, wash and clean your hands with soap and water while using a nail brush to clean around the nails. While you are doing this cleaning thing, make sure that you are gently doing it and check for any loose nails, and at the end dry your hands and nails gently as well.

Usually, the risk of developing an infection increases when the woman wears artificial nails, so whenever you see that your nails are broken, you should immediately go to the salon to repair them, or else, do it by yourself at home but with making sure that you are using the right glue for those artificial nails and at the same time never bandage a broken nail.

  • Wear Gloves When You are Washing the Dishes, Gardening, or Cleaning

There are some tasks which you are going to find difficult after applying artificial nails, especially those long acrylic nails, because they make the process of touching and holding things a lot harder. There are different designs that could be done with the acrylic nails, and in order not to ruin the design as well as the nails themselves, you should always deal with them differently when it comes to washing the dishes, gardening, or cleaning.

This mainly goes back to the fact of exposing them to water or any of the other chemicals that you use during the cleaning process because they might loosen the nails and change their colors, or the dirt that might accumulate under the nails when you start gardening your own house.

  • Give Your Nails the Chance to Breathe Every 2 or 3 Months

Some people might tell you that your nails are made from dead cells and that is why they actually don’t need to breathe, but it is important to give your natural nails the chance to rest and appear the way they are, even if for not breathing but for taking a break from all the chemicals that are applied on them. The cuticles and nail beds are the things that truly need a break from applying artificial nails like the acrylic or the gel, and they even need a break from the regular nail polishes that women apply all the time.

  • Choose the Right Length According to Your Lifestyle

The length of the artificial nails that you are getting should be always proportional to the lifestyle that you are living and this is mainly for the different problems that might be caused to your real nails if you catch on something and the acrylics are ripped off; they will take your real nails with them, or at least the first layer which might be hurtful and at the same time, will take a lot of time to be repaired once again.

It is better to choose short acrylic nails if you work with things that need your hands and fingers all the time, such as gardening, writing all the time, or exercising for example; but if you don’t do a lot of effort with your hands during work then you could go for the long ones.

  • Use Non-Acetone Remover to Remove Nail Polishes

It is important to know that acrylic nails come in a transparent natural color and this means that you will need to design it or apply different nail polish colors according to your outfit, season, or mood. When you come to the point where you will need to remove this nail polish, make sure to use non-acetone remover because using anything that has acetone in it might not only remove the nail polish itself, but it will dissolve the acrylic nail art along the way.

  • Apply Oil on Your Nails on a Daily Basis

If you want your nails to appear healthy all the time even when you are wearing those artificial nails, it is important to apply some oil on them every single day and better if you do it twice. There are different reasons behind this tip and behind the importance of applying some oil on your hands; first, the oil will help in stopping the nails from drying out. Second, this oil also helps the acrylic nails from separating from the real nails and thus prevents any possibility for an infection. Third, it keeps the acrylic nails themselves a little bit flexible.

These are important reasons that should convince you to apply oil on your acrylic nails on a daily basis, think about it as a treat for your fingers and you will feel satisfied with it.

  • Never Ever Pick or Chew on Your Acrylic Nails

The habit of picking or biting the real nails is one that should be avoided and forgotten all about, and the same should also happen with the acrylic nails because it will not be only considered a bad habit, but it will also turn to be a negative impact carried on the nails as well. Whenever you see any of the nails you have is loosening or is coming away, don’t ever think about completing the process and ripping it off, instead go for the nail salon and let them take care of your nails.

Another important thing is chewing the acrylic nails; this should never happen, ever. Always keep in your mind that the first reason you went to the nail salon to get these nails was to have a nice looking hands and nails, so whenever you come closer to them with your mouth, go back one more time and stop yourself from doing it.

Acrylic Nail Designs

There are different ideas and designs that could be done with the acrylic nails, but in order to keep them looking good and avoid any infections, you should follow all the tips we have brought above and make sure that you are watching out for any irregular signs appearing on your fingers around the nails, such as redness, because it means that you are allergic to it and should stop using these artificial nails and go for the regular nail polishes.

From the ideas that you could choose in order to decorate your artificial nails; you could make a gradient color, you could draw flowers or bows, you could use stickers on those nails, color them with glitter, apply some studs or pearls if you are attending an event, or even just do the simple French manicure nails that could be done at home with the simple stickers made for them.

The acrylic nail ideas are different and in order to choose one, you should think about different things beforehand, such as putting the occasion that you are going to attend into consideration, thinking about the colors that you are going to wear and whether they will match the colors of the design or not, as well as thinking about the harmony that should be there between the nails and the design, as well as between the design and the colors used for creating it.

To get those cute acrylic nails, you should always make sure that you are not doing those extra-long ones which might get ruined easily, you should also take care of your nails all the time the same way you would do with your real ones, and you should always check for any signs in order to know whether you are allergic to such chemicals and should stop using them or not.

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