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How to Choose Your Nails’ Designs

How to Choose Your Nails’ Designs

With every new day you start, there are different nail polish colors and designs taking place and appearing, designs that would make your mind spin not knowing which one to choose and how this choice should happen. The process of choosing a new design for your nails includes different steps that combine between the event you are going to attend, the clothes you are wearing, as well as the colors you are going to use and that is exactly the reason why designing your nails should not happen haphazardly or without putting in mind the series of events you are going to go through.

Are you going to attend your friend’s wedding party or is it about your personal birthday celebration? Are you going out with your friends for breakfast or is it just an ordinary night evening hangout? There are different questions to ask yourself and different things to keep in mind in order to make your nails part of the whole outfit; a part that is going to add something to the whole look and not just be there unnoticed.

Choosing between Different Nail Art Designs

There are different techniques used now in designing the nails; there are those who tend to just use regular nail polish and create different designs with it, there are those who go further with using the fake nails, and there are the third type of women who like the idea of the acrylic or the gel nail types which could stay with them for a specific period of time.

It is safe to use any of these different nail design techniques but before deciding on any of them, you should first know the tips for applying it and at the same time know how you are supposed to care for your nails while it is applied. We will never deny the fact that the natural nails are considered the best and are those which could keep the nails as healthy as possible, but on the other hand we should also never deny that women love the idea of appearing glamorous and enjoy taking care of every single part of their outfit including their nails and how they are matching their clothes and that is why we are going to give them a little bit of help through this article.

Taking care of your nails after applying acrylic nails or even gel nails is something you could check here, but deciding on the design you are going to apply is the thing we are going to help you with at this moment. There are usually several things to keep in your mind when it comes to the different nail design ideas which you lose yourself to and fail to decide on any of them, these things include:

  • First, Thinking about the Health of Your Nails

Instead of waiting for the problem to appear and then try to solve it, it is important to expect the problems that could take place and make sure you are taking all the needed precautions. When it comes to the nails, there are different problems that could happen to them and cause you a lot of loss to your overall health but which you might not know about and that is exactly the first step you are supposed to take before deciding on the nail design you are going to apply or even the type of fake nails you might be using.

If your nails are not in good shape and are not healthy then you should work on solving the problem and dealing with this issue before applying any chemicals on them because that way you are not going to complete your look and your outfit, but you are actually making it all a mess because at this point your nails will not look attractive in a good way but instead will attract the eyes to how poor they are. Always treat your nails with using the right products, applying creams, and not exposing them to much chemicals and water and then when they start coming back to normal, you could start thinking about applying your nail polish.

  • Putting the Event You are Going to Attend in Mind

After making sure that your nails are healthy, or after treating them and bringing the good health back, it is now the right time to start going through the right steps of choosing your nail polish color or your nail polish design. The first thing to think about is the event or the place you are going to; are you going to attend a party or else you are just going out with your friends, are you going to an outdoor place or you are just meeting up with your friends at the house of one of them? All these things have a say in the design and colors you are going to use.

If you are going to attend a party for example, it means that your clothes will be different and you should look more elegant and this will affect the design of the nails as well, not just that, but going to an event like a party or a wedding will usually have a say in the colors you might be allowed to wear and that is another thing to affect the nail polish you are going to use. Going out in the morning or meeting at a home will usually go better with the light and bright nail polish colors and designs, but when it comes to parties and night life then going wild and sexy will sometimes be better.

  • Choosing the Colors According to the Outfit

Now you know when you are going out and what is the type of event or outing you will be part of and that should be enough to help you decide the style of clothes you are going to wear and that will immediately transfer you to the next step you are supposed to take and the next thing that is going to help when it comes to the nail art design you are going to settle on eventually. This next step is about the colors you are going to wear and upon which the nail polish is usually chosen.

A lot of women think that since they are wearing bright colors, their nail polish should be the same as well, but this is not always the case because sometimes changing that bright color with something different and something that is not expected will add a lot more to the outfit. Wearing a black dress to the party does not mean that you are supposed to wear black nail polish as well, but going out of the way and applying red nail polish or even another wild color like silver will make everything different; some girls don’t like the idea of putting on those different nail polish colors, this is considered fine and accepted of course but they should always be careful with the design they are going to choose and make sure that the colors will help in giving that design the chance to appear.

  • Putting the Length of the Nails into Consideration

There are a lot of things for women to consider about their nails and the different nail designs they could choose and one of these things is the length of those nails they have. One important tip we should share at this point is that short nails are considered healthier than the long ones and women should stick to those short ones more often and even manage to cut them every two weeks and this goes back to the bacteria that might find its place under the nails and thus manage to affect the health of the woman at the end.

Even though this is considered beneficial, some women still love the idea of keeping their nails long – which could be accepted if done from on time to another but not regularly – and those will definitely choose different designs and ideas than the ones with short nails. Short nails might not be always suitable for all the designs, they might not have the space needed and might not give those designs the chance to appear different and glamorous, which is the same with the long nails which might not look good with those simple nail designs that are usually done to suit the short ones.

  • Knowing about Your Ability to Design the Nails

Applying the regular nail polish is sometimes not easy when the woman do it all by herself; one hand is always more professional than the other, and that is exactly the reason why knowing about your personal abilities will have a say in the type of design you are going to choose. If you are one of those who could easily manage applying your own nail polish then you could go for whatever design you think will look good on your nails, but if you are not that professional then you have two different options: either to choose an easy design that you will manage to apply by yourself or else choose the nail salon that will give you whatever you please.

This will of course take you into another different direction because at this point you will not be only entitled to choose the design but you will need to choose a good place that will help you to design your nails in the same exact way you would like them to appear which will require your previous experiences as well as the reviews of those who always get their nails pampered in the right way and who always got those nails that attract your eyes.

There are different designs for the nails but in order to choose the one most suitable for you, you will need to go through these different steps which we have mentioned; you will need to know the event you are going to attend, the clothes you are going to wear and their colors, and you will also need to keep the health of your nails and their length into consideration because that plays a great role in the design you are going to choose; whether you will settle for one of the easy nail designs or will go for something a bit different and out of the ordinary.

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