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How to Choose Your Nail Shape?

How to Choose Your Nail Shape?

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There are different nail shapes found out there; the oval, the round, the square, the stiletto, the coffin, the almond, and more and for the woman to know which one to choose, there are different things to be considered and kept in mind. Taking care of the nails is an easy process that needs someone who has strong will to avoid the bad habits that could be found out there, it needs someone who will stop biting the nails, wash the hands thoroughly, and will follow the tips related to nail care as well as choosing the right and suitable choices when it comes to the shape or even the artificial nails if needed.

Not all the shapes could suit all the nails; there are those which are considered better for the long nails and there are those ones which might only be suitable or will look better on the short ones. The shape of your nail should be always comfortable for you to do anything with and that is the most important thing and the one that will lead you to the right choices.

Choosing Your Nail Shape

Taking care of how the nails look like is beneficial and this not only goes back to the personal hygiene but it is also related to the first impression that people might carry according to the nails they spot or shake hands with. Taking care of the nails lies in different steps that should be taken; it starts with cutting the nails in order not to let the bacteria take place under them, it then goes through not biting the nails and washing the hands in general, and then it ends with the aesthetic part that is related to choosing the nail shape, the nail polish color, and even the design.

When it comes to the shapes of the nails, there are different ones to choose from and this will depend on several factors which the most important of them is related to the length of the nails; usually those with long nails will be the ones who could easily apply any shape, while those with short nails might face some problems and might not be able to choose specific shapes.

If you are about to choose a new shape for your nails to change how they used to look like, there are different steps to take and some tips to consider because they will eventually guide you to choose the one that is considered the most suitable for your hands and your nails. Here are these different tips:

  • Get Introduced to the Different Shapes

You will never be able to choose a shape for the nails if you are not even familiar with them all. The first step to choose a nail shape that suits your hands and nails is to go through the shapes found out there and even give yourself the chance to see real pictures for them in order to be able to expect how they will look like on the hands at the end. There are different ones out there, there are the famous ones which are the oval, the round, and the square and there are those which not all women will be familiar with, such as the stiletto, the coffin or ballerina, the almond, and the lipstick; they might not all be suitable for you because they will depend on the length of the nails, the shape of the natural nails, as well as the size of the finger.

  • Putting the Natural Nails Shape into Consideration

There are two different options for shaping the nails, it could be all applied on the natural ones and it could be all done on the artificial nails. It is important to know everything related to your nails and always put that into consideration; you should put the shape of the nails, the width of the nail bed, and the length of those nails into consideration because these are the main factors playing in the game of choosing a new nail shape to apply. Sometimes doing a shape that does not fit the short nails could ruin them and could sometimes not be even noticed, that’s why the length plays a great part in the process.

If you have short nails, it is better to choose between the square, the round, the squoval and if you have long nails then you could apply these three ones and could also choose between the oval, the lipstick, the stiletto, the almond, or the ballerina because your long nails give you the chance to apply and try whatever you prefer.

  • Put the Shape of the Hands and Fingers into Consideration

The last important step to be mentioned when it comes to choosing the shape of the nails is putting the shape and length of the hands and fingers into consideration as well because this might be the main reason behind choosing a specific thing and could be the reason of staying away from specific options out there. Every single shape of the nails will help in giving the nails a specific feeling or shape; for example, choosing the round nails will make the nail bed appear thinner and thus it is important to imagine the whole look of thin nail beds with thin fingers and hand, they will not look good and thus you will need something that will give your nails a wider look.

It is not just the look that the shape will deliver but the shape of the nails that you will eventually choose will also give the people around you an impression that might be related to your personality and sense of style, which will always depend on the person looking at you and how far they go deeply into such things.

Impressions behind Nail Shapes

The clean finger nails will deliver a specific impression to those who you are dealing with and the same happens when it comes to the shape of the nails which you eventually tend to choose; you will find those interpreting the reason behind choosing a specific shape and interpreting your personality as well. To be well aware of the way people around you are viewing you according to your nail shape choice, it is important to understand the impression that this nail shape will be delivering about your personality.

  • The Round Nail Shape

When it comes to this choice, people will know that you are low maintained when it comes to your nails and that you always prefer the neutral choices as well as those neutral nail polish colors that could be found out there.

  • The Square Nail Shape

The second famous nail shape to be found out there is the squared nail and those who prefer to apply it are always viewed as modern people who always go for the bold shapes and colors. Always remember that the shape of the nails is part of the nail art that you want to apply and thus should always pay attention and link between every single step and the one following it.

  • The Oval Nail Shape

The oval nail shape is usually the one chosen by those elegant women, or at least that’s how the world sees and views them. Those who end up having the oval nail shape are usually the ones who choose to wear clean nail polish every now and then.

  • The Squoval Nail Shape

Every nail shape is usually viewed differently and usually the woman who will end up choosing a specific shape will be doing specific things and taking specific steps towards her nails in general. When it comes to the squoval nail shape, the woman will be the kind of one who is always in style and manages to let the polish matches the colors trending for the season.

  • The Ballerina or Coffin Nail Shape

Usually those who tend to go for this choice are the bold types of women who will usually prefer the matte colors for nail polish. It is good to be bold but you should do that correctly and make sure that you are reflecting it on your personality in the right and correct way.

  • The Almond Nail Shape

This is the one that is always mistaken for an oval shape but is a little bit more pointed, when women tend to apply this shape, they are usually viewed and seen as the ones who make the girly style meet the glam and will be those who will never accept a chipped polish as an excuse for themselves.

  • The Stiletto Nail Shape

There are different names given for the shapes of nails but which eventually express how they look such as the stiletto. The stiletto nail shape is usually chosen by those who would take risks and this mainly goes back to the pointed nails which are not considered easy to use in the everyday life and thus will be always grabbing the attention of people to them.

  • The Lipstick Nail Shape

Some of these nails should be better applied on fake nails in order not to ruin the original natural ones. The last nail shape option for women out there is the lipstick nail shape and this one always deliver an image that the woman is edgy by nature.

It is always interesting to realize that the things you tend to choose when it comes to your look will always say something about your personality, whether it is related to your nails, your hair, your clothes, or even your style and general look.

Beautiful nails are considered a goal that some women want to reach and achieve but this will need a lot of steps to be placed into consideration first because nothing happens just like that. Going to the nail salon and applying any of the nail designs found out there is one thing to have those beautiful nails but it is always important to make the right choices and pick those designs and shapes which are going to suit your natural nails as well as the shape of your hands and fingers in general, putting the length and the width into consideration.

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