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Getting Introduced to Nail Shapes

Getting Introduced to Nail Shapes

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Before choosing the design of the nails and deciding on the way you are going to decorate them, it is important to first pay attention to the shape of your nails in order to know whether this specific design will be suitable for it or not. There are different nail shapes found out there, sometimes they are grown in that specific way and sometimes women make them, the thing is that your nails might not be strong enough to be done in a specific shape or your hands might not look good with the one you have chosen, so you should know more about those shapes and know which one will best suit your hands and fingers.

There are millions of colors chosen for the nails out there and numerous designs to try but not all of those designs you come across will be considered suitable for the shape of nails that you have and sometimes it is not even possible to get a specific shape because your nails might not be strong enough to carry and handle them.

Different Shapes of Nails

It is always interesting to look at your nails and see a specific design which you might have never spotted anywhere before or get the chance to look at this view of nails which are perfectly made, which look healthy and beautiful, and which you have worked hard on in order to have them look like that. The shape of your nails is usually born with you but some women have the chance to change that if their nails give them the chance to, which will usually depend on the strength of those nails as well as the their health in general.

With the different trends appearing every season and with the different shapes which you might come across every single year, there are actually different nail shapes that you will find out there and in order to be well informed with them, this article will get you introduced to the whole topic. Here are the shapes of nails which are found out there:

  • The Square Shaped Nails

The first shape of nails to talk about here is the squared one and this is considered the most famous one coming after the oval and round nails. According to the manicure expert, Elissa Schell, choosing the shape of your nails does not happen haphazardly, but it depends on your hands and nails. The squared nails are those with no soft edges and this is one reason why you might run the risk of your hands looking stubby. Those who should try applying this shape on their nails are those who have short nails in general and who don’t prefer the round shape and how it looks like on their nails and hands.

  • The Squoval/Soft Square Shaped Nails

In the first square shaped nails, we have mentioned that it is the one with no soft edges and that is why it might actually lead to not always being safe when dealing with things or even people, but there is another square shaped nails out there that are referred to as the soft one. This shape is exactly like the previous squared one but in this case the edges are a lot softer and thus are usually more preferred by a lot of women. This shape is also good for those who might have short nails and at the same time it is for those who love the oval and round nails because it is some kind of a mixture between both; the squared and the round ones. One of the reasons why women should choose this shape over the other squared one is the length of their nails; if they are shorter then this is considered a suitable one.

  • The Almond Shaped Nails

The third option to think about and consider – after checking your nails first – is the almond shaped nails, which is another nail shape that is famously known in nail salons. The reason behind giving this shape that name is that it looks like the real almond; it is usually slender on the sides and wide on the base, giving it a little bit of pointed look on the top. The almond shaped nails are usually more chosen by celebrities who always consider the oval or the almond nails because they suit all occasions, all seasons, and are considered more comfortable to have.

  • The Oval Shaped Nails

The second choice for celebrities after the almond shaped nails is the oval one and this is considered one of the most widely spread in general because usually the nail is born in a round way and thus reforming them and making the oval shape more accurate becomes easier. The oval shaped nails are very similar to the almond ones but with a small difference when it comes to the top of the nails; the almond ones are more pointed while the oval nails are soft and blunter. Both the almond and the oval shaped nails only suit the long nails and thus those with short ones who always fail to grow them might not get the chance to have any of these two different ones.

  • The Round Shaped Nails

The round shaped nails is also considered the most popular because you could do nothing and end up having them because the nails are usually grown a little bit round or a little bit squared at the edges. The round shaped nails are good for the women who always consider their fingers short and chubby because it will give them the chance to feel that they are longer; this can also happen when applying the almond shaped nails because they will succeed in giving the women the same feeling. We have to mention that this shape of nails is also applied on those who have long nails and might not be suitable for those short ones.

  • The Coffin Shaped Nails

The name of this shape of nails might at first take you by surprise and even push some women away from applying and trying them but it is actually one of the different shapes of nails found out there. The coffin shaped nails are those which are also given the name “ballerina nails” and this goes back to the way they look; they are squared at the tip and thus take the shape of a real coffin or as the slipper of a ballerina. This nail shape look much like the stiletto nails which we are going to discuss next but with a different shape on the tips. This shape of nails is also suitable for those who have long nails only and might not suit those who have short ones.

  • The Stiletto Shaped Nails

The nails that look much alike to the coffin shaped ones are referred to as the stiletto nails and the name goes back to drastic point at the edges. For those who want to apply this nail shape on their nails, they should understand that it might not be possible to do it without applying any of the artificial nail types found out there (gel or acrylic) because the natural nails are not considered strong enough to handle these pointed edges. The natural nails don’t have the strength to hold this shape and thus might easily fall off or break in a couple of hours or with doing something wrong with them, you need to be very careful.

More New Shapes of Nails

These are considered the ones mostly known and those which you will get the chance to see them everywhere but with the changing trends and with those things appearing every now and then, you will find another new ones coming on the surface, such as the lipstick nails, the arrowhead nails, the flare nails, etc.

A lot of women don’t prefer these new inventions for their nails but it is good to know more about all the things appearing out there and be well aware of what you might come across at some point. Here are more shapes of nails:

  • The Lipstick Shaped Nails

The lipstick shaped nails are given that name because their tips look like the tip of the lipstick before being used, when it is still brand new. This shape of nails is suitable for the long ones only and they are usually done in a more squared way and not in a rounded manner. You will rarely find this shape of nails but you should always take care of the pointed edges it has if you decided to apply and have it.

  • The Arrowhead Shaped Nails

Another new shape for the nails that those who are “nails’ fashionistas” tend to apply is the arrowhead shaped nails. A lot of people consider this much like the pointed nails or the stiletto but they are actually not, because there is still part of the squared nails coming out of the nail bed before making this point edge and thus it makes the nails look like an arrowhead.  This is also different than the stiletto nails because they are shorter and much softer than them.

  • The Flare Shaped Nails

As the name says, these are the flare shaped nails because they flare upward and out. The flare shaped nails is another shape that women could not apply on their natural nails and will need to have any of those artificial types out there, which is the same with the stiletto nails as well as the arrowhead ones, because the natural nails will never manage to be strong enough and hold these pointed edges.

It is important to know these different shapes for the nails and how they are supposed to be applied and how they will look like because only then you will get the chance to choose the right one for your nails and also will know whether you will need to apply artificial nails first or could go with your natural ones. Those are considered the most famous ones but with the new trends appearing, you might come across new shapes every now and then and get introduced to styles you have never seen before, so don’t ever be surprised with the nails you come across during the journey of your life.

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