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Easy Nail Polish Designs

Easy Nail Polish Designs

There are different types of women; those who don’t like to wear any kind of nail polish and prefer to leave their nails as natural as they are, those who love to apply simple and bright colors that might not be noticed without any designs, and those who love to try everything starting from the different colors and ending with the different designs and the artificial nails. The latter are the ones who will be always falling in the dilemma of which color to choose and which design to try, and since we are talking about the different nail designs, there are those easy ones that any woman can do by herself right in the comfort of her own home.

Easy DIY Nail Art

Remember that the designs might not be only difficult because they look so, but because you will be using one hand only to apply for yourself and this was never an easy thing to do and have control over. There are different levels for the designs that could be applied; the easy ones, the ones with a little bit of work, and those hard designs that need extra professional people to appear as clean and accurate as possible.

Try to think with yourself, what are the different designs that could be considered easy and which you could do for your own? Is it about the plain colors without any additions, or is it about applying the French manicure that could be done with a twist to make it a little bit out of ordinary? These are the questions that your mind might want to find an answer to and the ones which we are going to answer by showing you some easy to do nail designs that you could do without the need of a nail technician.

Easy designs for nails:

  • The Simple Polka Dots

They are simple and easy but some women fail to do them because their hands start to get shaky and they end up with having things that are close enough to dots but which at the same time are not. There is one simple hack to follow in order to apply those polka dots on your fingers in an easy and precise way; use a bobby pin.

First of all, apply the basecoat nail polish with the color that you want and wait for it to dry. While the nail polish is drying, pour a couple of drops on a plate and use the end of the bobby pin to do the polka dots; just dip the pin in the nail polish and gently do the dots on the nails.

  • The Gradient Nail Polish

At first you might think that it is one of the hardest and that it is impossible for you to make it, but actually applying the gradient nail polish is one of the easiest things that you could ever do at home. The tools that you will need in order to make it perfectly precise are: sponge, toothpick, and the nail polishes that you are going to use.

At the beginning, color your nails with the light color. When your hands are ready to handle the other bottles and can carry them, start by pouring the two nail polishes – or more – that you are going to use on a plate and start swirling them together by using the toothpick at the point where they meet. At the end, dab the sponge a couple of times on the paint then dab it on the nail, moving up and down very slightly.

  • The Different Patterns

Because at the nail salon, the nail technician usually do these things without any problems, you end up thinking that they are easy for them but hard for you; which is not true, you could still try to color your nails with these different patterns but with the help of using a scissor and a tape.

There are different patterns used out there but in order to do your own nails, choose the pattern that you want and cut the tape with the scissor then stick it on your nails and color the nail. Before doing this step, your nails should be colored with the basecoat color; the one which will appear after you remove the tape after finishing.

When you are removing the tape, make sure not to wait until the polish completely dries because this might peel it off, and at the same time don’t remove it immediately because the polish might run around the finger and might ruin the straight lines.

  • The Loofah Fishnet Style

Most of the easy nails designs that you could do at home need the tools that you already have but use for other different purposes. The Loofah fishnet style name comes from the tools that you are going to use; a loofah which you are going to use to bring out the fishnet style outcome, you will also need a sponge to color the top coat with it.

To do this, pour the nail polish color on a plate and dab the sponge in it. Hold a piece of the loofah fishnet on your fingernail and start dabbing the sponge on top of it; you will end up with a basecoat color and something that appear like a fishnet or a beehive with another color.

  • The Swipe Color

So you don’t want one plain color but at the same time you don’t want to apply different ones on top of one another, what would be the best solution for that? This is easy, all what you need is two different nail polish colors to use in order to make an easy design at home. First of all, apply the one that you need as the basecoat and it would be better if you choose one that is dark, give your nails the chance to dry then use the other nail polish color – which is better to be bright – and make one swipe at the top middle part of the fingernail.

  • The Matte Nail Polish

Did you know that you don’t have to keep searching in the stores for the shade of the matte nail polish that you want and do it all by yourself? This is another easy to do nail art design since the matte nail polish is considered one that is trendy, chic, and fashionable, and which you could apply without the need to do any other thing to your fingernails.

To do the matte nail polish, you should have the same color of eye shadow from the nail polish that you want to make it matte, or you could mix different colors until you settle on the shade that you like. Just mix the nail polish with a bit of eye shadow and start applying it on your nails.

  • The Curved Nail Polish

Coloring the nails is not only about the personal satisfaction, but it is also about getting other people looking at your nails and complimenting you about how artistically they are made. The curved nail polish does not need any tools except the two manicure colors that you are going to use; one for the basecoat and one for the curved line.

Start by applying the basecoat color on the whole fingernails; you could do that with a black color if you like it on the nails, if not then choose another. When it dries, use the other manicure color that you have chosen and gently make a line on the bottom of the nail – the part that is close to the cuticles – and then extend that line at one side of the nail until it reaches the tips.

  • Polka Dots French Manicure

As much as it might seem simple when you mention the word “French manicure”, there are different ways to make a twist with this style and change the ordinary transparent and white colors used in creating it. The polka dots French manicure is one that you could easily do with nail polish colors that you already have at home, and a bobby pin beside them.

Apply the basecoat color on your fingernails and make sure that they are completely dry before you move on and start painting the tips. Choose the color – or colors – that you are going to use in painting the tips of the nails with the polka dots, pour them on a plate, and then gently dap the rounded tip of the bobby pin in it and gently make the dots on the tips of the fingernails.

  • Diagonal Shape

If you are one of those who love the idea of making cool and easy nail designs all the time, then you should start making the tape a close friend of yours, because it could help you in different ways in creating different nail designs. To do this diagonal shape on your fingernails, you should cut a piece of tape and stick it diagonally on your fingernail then color the part that is still exposed. Before doing it, you could apply another basecoat color; some people prefer to leave it natural but it won’t look attractive, so if you want it natural, at least apply the transparent color.

  • Lace Nails

There is nothing as easy out there as painting the nails by placing something on top of them and just covering the opened areas with the manicure, which is exactly the same when it comes to the lace nail style. You could do the lace nails over the ordinary French manicure and you could do it on your fingernails directly without the French thing. Start by coloring your nails with a transparent color, or even any other color, and then bring a piece of lace and place it on top of the finger and use the white nail polish color to paint the nails over the lace.

When you remove the lace, make sure that you do it in the middle, before the nail polish completely dries but also not directly after applying it.

There are different cool easy designs to try on your nails without thinking about the mess you are going to make or think about visiting the nail salon instead; you could do all that at your home without the need for help. Nail designs are easy, just give yourself the chance to try several times and you will master it all and create a different kind of art on your nails.

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