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Easy Nail Designs

Easy Nail Designs

Even if you are good at applying the plain nail polish and think that it is easy, it does not mean that making different designs on your nails will be the same. There are different levels for applying nail art designs; there are those easy ones for the beginners, those in the middle who could be handled but not by all types of people, and those difficult ones that need someone who is professional enough and have been through the easy, the intermediate, and could go through the difficult ones as well. The field of nail art has become famous; it stopped being about simple things, but people are even designing their nails according to the season or the event they will be attending.

Nail Design Ideas

Have you ever thought about drawing Christmas trees on your nails for Christmas Eve? Have you ever thought about drawing some colorful Eastern eggs on your nails to celebrate such occasion? There are some who will answer yes to this question and there are those who will say that they definitely did not think about such a thing. Such nails are what we refer to as cool nail designs; they are different, they are easy to be applied, and they are even celebrating an occasion with you; so why not?

Okay, we have to say that when it comes to nail designs; there is the cool, there is the regular, and there is the ugly. The latter might be ugly for different reasons; the colors used are not matching, the person who applied them is not professional, or they might just be ugly because they look so. In order to stay away from having those ugly nails and try on some nail art designs that you will be complimented about, you could get some ideas here.

  • Valentine’s Day Hearts

We all know it; Valentine’s Day is all about love, romance, red roses, chocolates, and hearts and this says much about painting your nails following the same theme. Even if you don’t have someone to celebrate this day with, you could do that with yourself in a kind of cool and fun way, by painting your nails with red hearts. It is easy to do it but you should be able to control your hands and the way they draw these things on nails, if not then you could just draw them on plastic sandwich bags and remove them carefully when they dry and glue them to your nails.

  • Draw Your Cat

It could be a cat and it could be any other pet that you have. There are a lot of those people who get too much attached to their pets and this is the main reason why we are referring to this idea in the first place. You will not draw a cat on every single nail, but you will just choose one on which you will color it with a natural transparent color and then draw your cat on it when it completely dries. Actually, mentioning a cat was because of the easy way of drawing it, not like the dogs, birds, or even turtles.

  • Draw Some Flowers for Spring

Spring is beautiful in so many different ways, not only the weather becomes exciting, but also the colors, the flowers that grow, and the clothes that are comfortable, starts to appear. One of the ways to celebrate spring is by designing your nails in a different kind of way, this could happen by drawing flowers on your nails, and to draw a flower, you could easily paint some dots so close to one another which could eventually form the flower shape.

  • Celebrate the National Day of Your Country

This might be one of the easiest to do out there, because there is nothing more easier than applying nail polish in straight lines overlaying one another. This easy nail art is suitable when you are celebrating the national day of your country or any other event related to your nationality. Don’t try to make it on the regular days because it will not look cool the same way it does when it is related to a specific event.

  • Write on Your Nails

Although writing on the nails might not be as easy as you think because the brush will be thick for the thin and small characters, you could either find a brush that is too thin or get a pen that is specialized for such things. Writing on your fingers is suitable for different occasions; you could write the date of your wedding day for the photo session, or you could keep it during the celebration although it would not look trendy. There aren’t a lot of occasions to do this writing thing, but if you find it cool then you could try it one time.

  • Draw Your Favorite Cartoon Characters

A lot of girls are crazy about different cartoon characters and sometimes this craziness takes them to a whole new level, such as drawing them in different ways on their nails. Drawing these characters could happen in different ways; you could draw them the way they are, or use other simple tools to color your fingers in the same colors they appear with like Monster’s Inc. and Mickey or Minnie. In some examples related to Minnie, girls put bows on red nails and white or black dots to resemble them.

  • The Chinese Yin Yang

The Chinese Yin Yang is the Chinese philosophy for how opposite forces are interrelated, interconnected, and complementary in the natural world. A lot of people appreciate this philosophy and know the shape that resembles it; which is a circle that is half black and half white and the line separating them is not straight but curvy, with one white dot in the black part and one black dot in the white part. This is another way you could draw and design your nails if you have ever been interested about this school.

Nail ideas

The previous are different ideas which you could try according to the time and the event, but other than that, there are some regular designs and ways to decorate your nails without any shapes, words, or characters, just by applying the regular nail polish or mixing it with another color. Here are some nail art ideas that could go with any time and any occasion:

  • You Could Do a Gradient Color

This is easy, you will just pour two different colors on a plate and use a toothpick to swirl them together in the middle. After you get this simple combination between the two colors, you will bring a sponge and dab it on them and tap on your fingernails; your fingers will be ready at this point and your friends will even think you got it at the salon.

  • Polka Dots on Your Fingernails

If you always fail to make those polka dots with the nail polish brush, there is another way to do them. First pour the nail polish on a plate then bring a hair pin and dab the rounded end into the polish and gently pat it on your nails. Do this process several times and you will end up with having those polka dotted nails that you might have always failed to do.

  • Graffiti; Yes You Could

Did you know that you could do something that looks like graffiti on your fingers? It could happen and surprisingly in an easy way as well. To do this graffiti thing, you have to apply a dark nail polish on your nails and then wait for it to completely dry, when it dries, use gold and white nail polishes to swipe them in different directions across your fingernails. Make sure to wipe the gold or the metallic color you are using several times on the tip of the bottle before using it, to see the bristles when you apply it.

  • Make Some Patterns

To make those perfectly patterns on your fingernails; you will need a tape to stick it to your nails. First, apply the first color of manicure that you want to apply as the base then cut the tape and stick it to your nails when they completely dry according to the shapes that you want to have at the end. When you stick the tape, you will then need to apply the other color or colors, according to your choice, and then gently remove the tape to find out the patterns perfectly done on your nails with the different used colors.

  • Splatter Colors on Your Nails

This could be the easiest technique out there; you just have to apply the first layer of the nail polish; the color that you want to make it the base, and then with using a stick, you will dip it into each color you will use and splatter it on your fingernails haphazardly. The most important thing to do is apply tape around your nails in order not to ruin the skin around them.

  • Do Your Own Matte Nail Polish

If you don’t want to do something artistic with your nails design and want to stick to the ordinary nail polish but at the same time don’t want them to be shiny, you could do your own matte nail polish at home. Just mix the nail polish that you are going to use with a little bit of eyeshadow and combine them well until you get the shade that you want.

There are different hacks related to the world of nail polishes and the designs that could be created with them. It might be the first time for you to know that the matte nail polish could be done at home, and it might be the first time for you to know that there are other techniques to follow to make a specific design that you always failed at, which means that you should search for new techniques and try on your own.

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