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Different Useful Nail Design Tools

Different Useful Nail Design Tools

Designing the nails might sometimes appear easy and even if the drawing itself will not need a lot of effort from you; there are some tools that could make everything million times easier for you. There are different tools added to the kit of every single nail technician out there – those who do it all for themselves at home – which they could easily understand, know how to use and deal with, and at the same time realize that it really saves them time and energy in doing a specific design. Designing the nails is not only about the drawings or the irregular shapes that you usually see, but it is also about the simple lines, dots, and the designs that look easy but are difficult when it comes to executing them.

Nail Design tools at Home

Most of the nail designs tools are created for those who prefer to do their nails on their own without visiting the nail technician at the salon; because the nail technician will be doing it all with both hands, but you will be struggling to work with one hand in order to apply the design on the other so you will be in need for some help. The first thought coming to your mind after knowing that there are some tools used for designing the nails is having those critical ones that will solve huge problems, but you will get surprised with the simple tools that you need for the struggle with the simple designs, like the nail dotting or the striping tape.

If you have read our previous article “Nail Design Tools” which is also about the different tools that you could use in order to design your nails, most probably you got introduced to different things like loose glitter, the studs and pearls, the LED light machine, the brushes, and many other things. In addition to those mentioned previously, there are still other tools that you should know about to give yourself a hand with the things that you are coming across online or while flicking through magazines but always failing to know how could they be done.

Here are some of the other nail designing tools that you could depend on to create your piece of art:

  • The Transfer Foils

Not all the designs are drawn on the nails; there are those which are stamped by using the stamp toolkit specialized for such things, or other techniques like patting a sponge on the fingernail. One of the things that could create a look that is different on your nails is the transfer foils; those foils are used in order to give your nails cool designs by leaving behind traces of the foil.

In order to use this transfer foil, you will need first to apply the basecoat manicure on your nails then apply clear glue over top and gently press and pull that transfer foil tape on the nails in a quick way; it will leave the traces of the foil behind and will create a different kind of design on the nails.

  • The Matte Topcoat

Recently, when the matte nail polish appeared, women were searching for it everywhere and wanted to change the glossy and shiny nail polish colors which they were used to. Not all the colors that you want will be found in their matte shades – although searching for it will eventually bring you somewhere – but there are different techniques you could do in order to have that some matte finish without buying it.

There are actually two different techniques or hacks that you could try; one could be all done at home while the other requires the matte topcoat. The matte topcoat is applied in the same way the nail polish is usually done and it will give your shiny manicure the coat that will transfer it into the matte surface. The other technique is to add the same color of the eye shadow to the color of the nail polish that you want it to be matte and then have this different kind of surface as well.

  • The Striper Brush

There are different brushes out there that you could use for the nails to create the different designs that you see at the end, every single brush of those will give you different kind of effect. One of these brushes is the striper one which is used for creating stripes and lines in an easier kind of way without ruining that line along the way; just for making it as precise and as straight as possible.

If you don’t have this brush, you could sometimes use a very thin paint brush instead. When you are using any brush during the process of applying nail polish, make sure to clean it properly with the nail polish remover in order not to ruin the design or have different colors overlaying one another.

  • Clay Cane Slices

These are also known as fimo cane sticks, which are used for creating different shapes and drawings on the nails by just applying them right on the nails. They are referred to as sticks because you buy them in that form and then you are the one who will cut them by using a scissor or a knife in order to have those pieces which you are going to stick on the nails at the end.

These slices are baked clay and in order to apply it, you have to paint your nails with the regular nail polish that you want and make sure to let it dry first and have a ready tweezers, glue, and the cane pieces in order to apply. With using the tweezers, hold the fimo cane slice, and with a brush, put little glue on the bottom of it in order to stick it to the nail. Make sure you are putting this piece in the right place in order not to ruin your nail with glue; when you place it, hold on it with the tweezers and make sure not to move in order for it not to roll or curl.

You could always put as many clay slices as you want, but always make sure you are choosing the right place before going any further.

  • Liquid Palisade

Coloring the nails without going a bit deeper into the lines surrounding those nails or the cuticles is something that not all women are good at, and that is why the liquid palisade was one of the different nail art design tools that could be used for such purposes. The liquid palisade is usually applied on the cuticles and the lines around the nails in order to act like a polish barrier and ban the manicure from getting at these points, and then it is easily peeled off after this.

One of the hacks that you might do at home is using Vaseline for the same purpose; you will apply Vaseline on the skin around the nails and on the cuticles, apply the nail polish, and then use a small piece of cotton to remove the Vaseline with any manicure that you might have got on it while painting the nails.

  • The Manicure Cotton Claw

The problem is not in holding cotton balls in order to erase any problems you have made with the nail polish, but it is with holding these balls and correcting the mistakes but without creating others on the fingers that you have applied nail polish on and it did not give them the chance to dry completely. The manicure cotton claw is a saver for all women who never give their nails the chance to dry before dealing with the mistakes; it gives them the chance to hold the cotton balls without getting directly in touch with them.

All these tools for nail art designs are important especially for those who are trying to design their nails by themselves for the very first time.

Important Tips to Keep in Mind

When you are designing your tools, there are different tips which you are supposed to keep in mind all the time:

  • When you are designing your nails, make sure never to cut your cuticles; this will cause harm for your nails. You could always push the cuticles back with using one of the tools for nail designs that is specialized for such tasks and purposes.
  • Never ever try to peel off your hangnails because they will remove along some live tissues which might cause bleeding and pain; you could also trim the parts appearing outside of the nails with the nail scissors in order to prevent them from sticking on other things and being peeled off without you even realizing it.
  • If you are applying any of the artificial nails such as the acrylic or the gel, try to give your nails the chance every now and then to have a break from such chemicals and appear with the natural ones; this will give your nails the chance to stay healthy all the time.
  • If you are one of those who have the habit of biting your nails, stop yourself from doing that because this will make your nails look bad and at the same time, you might deliver bacteria from your mouth to the nails and cause some infections in such process.
  • Always, always, always use your personal tools and never borrow any or use ones from the nail salon without being sure that they have been sterilized, because this might bring infections from other people and into your nails, which could be something serious that needs a long period of time for the nails to be repaired one more time.

All these nail tools for designs which we have mentioned above are useful especially for beginners, or even for those professional women who are still looking for different ways to make the idea and the process of applying nail polish and nail design on their nails million times easier. Buy the tools that you will be using a lot, and always use your mind and try to be more creative to make use of other tools at home for the purpose of decorating your nails.

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