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Different Nail Designs

Different Nail Designs

There are different nail designs out there; the hearts, the patterns, the flowers, the bows, and many other things which you could choose from. When the woman decides to decorate her nails in a different way, she always thinks about the occasion she is going to attend; whether she is going to a party, going to attend a custom party, or even going to a wedding, because not all the designs could be worn to all the kinds of occasions. Now, there are schools specialized in teaching all about the nails and bring out nail technicians, who should be aware of the things that are good for the nails as well as those that might ruin them, but you could still learn to design your nail at home by yourself.

Beautiful Nail Designs

A lot of women consider the idea of drawing on their nails or sticking studs and stickers on them as one that is not fashionable anymore, but actually it depends on the drawing or the kind of style that they are going to do; some turn out to be unfashionable, while others appear different and new. Your nails are an important part of your personality because they come in contact with people all the time and they might deliver the wrong message about who you are and how neat you could reach.

Whenever you come to the point where you are going to choose a design that you are going to apply on your nails, you have to make sure that you are choosing one that will go well with your outfit as well as the place and the event that you are going to attend; because you might choose something and then realize that it does not fit any of these two things.

There is a wide variety of designs to choose from starting from the flowers and ending with the intersecting lines that bring out something different at the end. Here are some of them:

  • Heart Nail Designs

They always relate the heart nail designs with Valentine’s Day, but you could actually do it on your wedding day, wedding anniversary, or just for the fun of it whenever you please; try not to stick yourself to the norm. There are different ways through which you could draw hearts on your nails, such as the one referred to as “Love in the Air”, in this one you will need to choose two colors in addition to the baby blue and the white. First, you will color the nails with the blue nail polish – which will represent the sky, and then when it dries, you will use the white color to make the sky by drawing foamy shapes, and finally you will use the two other colors to make the heart shapes.

Another possible way is drawing empty transparent hearts on the nails. In order to draw those hearts which are empty from the inside, you will first draw a small heart on a tape, cut it, and then stick it on the fingernails that you want the heart on. The next step will be about coloring the whole nail over that sticker then wait for a couple of seconds until the nail polish dries then outline the heart with a white nail polish. Gently start removing the sticker before the nail polish totally dries in order to reveal the transparent heart shape that you have created. In order to make the transparent heart shiny, you could color it with a transparent nail polish before doing all these steps.

For those who love French manicure, they could make the French heart one. The French manicure only needs two different colors; the one that will be used as a base color and the second which will be used for making the heart on the tip. Color your nails with the basecoat color and when it dries, draw half a heart on the tips of the nails; take the brush from the side of the nail to the middle and down in a curve, and then repeat with the other side.

  • Silver Nail Designs

The silver color could design your nails in different ways but it needs something that looks classy and attractive in order not to ruin the beauty of that color. There are also different ways which you could design your nails with, with the silver nail polish, such as coloring the tips of the nails like the French manicure, using silver glitter to do the same, or coloring only one fingernail with the shiny silver nail polish; there are different things to choose from.

The gradient silver glitter nail polish; this one is easy to try. First of all, you will apply a transparent nail polish color and before it dries, you will sprinkle some glitter on the tips with large amounts and then reduce the glitters while going deeper into the nails. At the end, you will realize that your nails are transparent from the inside – the part closer to the cuticles – and glittery from the outside – on the tips.

Another possible way is the silver French manicure. One of the ways that attracted our eyes was the idea of using both the matte and the shiny silver colors. First apply the matte color on your nails; there is one possible way to make your nail polish matte at home if you are not able to find it in the beauty store; mix the silver nail polish with silver eye shadow and you will have it ready. When the matte color dries, apply the sticker used for the French manicure and then color the tips of the nails with the shiny one.

  • 3D Nail Designs

The 3D nail designs are now famous and a lot of women do it all the time; there are those who do it on one finger only and there are those who choose to make all their fingers in the same way. 3D designs looks different and they might attract a lot of people, but you should be dealing with your nails with a lot of care in order not to ruin them while getting close to things or while cleaning for example.

One of the different ways this 3D nails are made is through using the acrylic substances used for making artificial nails, in which they form a bow or a small flower with it and stick it on the fingernails. Using the acrylic in making the 3D designs is helpful because you could do whatever you want with this substance and let it dry in the shape you have formed, whether thick or thin. In addition to making such things from the acrylic, there are those who stick studs and pearls on their nails so they end up having 3D ones as well.

Some women manage to make 3D designs with the regular nail polishes they use for their nails, they just use more of it on the nails and let it dry without spreading it all across the nails; they do flowers, polka dots, and they even draw different things related to celebrations such as Easter, Christmas, or New Year’s Eve.

  • Neon Nail Designs

Neon colors came out to life recently and since then they became a trend which all women follow even in their clothes. Choosing neon colors means that you have reached summer season and want something that would suit the beach and the hot weather in general. Colorful nail designs are always delightful especially when these colors are the neon ones.

One of the suggested designs to choose neon colors for is the gradient. The technique of making gradient nails is an easy one; you will start by choosing the different colors that you want and then pour them next to one another on a plate and mix them by swirling the places where they meet by using a toothpick. Now bring a sponge and gently dab it into the gradient color that you have created and dab it on your nails by moving up and down slowly.

Another design that would give the neon colors the chance to shine on your nails is the colored polka dots. First color your nails with white nail polish and leave it to dry, then use different neon nail polish colors and start drawing different sizes and colors of dots on the nails. You could do those dots with the brush and you could use a bobby pin to do them more accurately. Use the end of the pin that is rounded, dip it into the nail polish, and then dab it onto the nails.

French neon tips; this is another suggested way to use the neon nail polish colors and do your nails in a different way. This would better come with the transparent nail polish color, so you will start with applying the transparent nail polish as the base color and then use the stickers specialized for the French manicures in order to color the tips with the neon color that you have chosen.

Just remember whenever you are using the neon colors that not all of them could go with your choice of clothes, so make sure you are choosing the one that will fit a lot of things or you will need to change the nail polish color according to what you are wearing.

The creative nail design needs someone who knows how to draw her nails in addition to having a good sense in choosing the colors and mixing them with one another. These are some of the things that are usually done and drawn on the nails, but there are also things like patterns, flowers, and other things that you might not even imagine, like cartoon characters and words; you could get as creative as you want.

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