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Applying Fake Nails

Applying Fake Nails

Some women hate the fact that their nails are not long enough to serve their look and the first solution that will serve their needs and give them those nails which they want is applying any of the different fake nails’ types which are available out there. Some people might not be well aware of the types of fake nails found out there; the gel, the acrylic, etc. and they might not even know the side effects which these nails might bring along and how they are supposed to handle them and deal with them. This article will help you know more about the types of fake nails, which ones to choose, and how to remove them eventually.

Natural nails are always the best but if you are not satisfied with yours or if you are having a problem with their length, you could start considering other options like applying any of the fake ones that are found out there. Before you apply those fake nails, you should first make sure that your natural ones will be strong enough to accept those fake nails and you should also know how you are supposed to remove them in order not to suffer from any side effects.

Types of Fake Nails

Fake nails are those which you tend to apply in order to have better looking ones than those natural ones of yours; at the beginning, fake nails used to be those which you could buy ready made from any pharmacy or nail care store and just glue them on your nails, but recently the whole process started to evolve from those nails to the gel or the acrylic types that could live with the woman for a couple of days longer and which she could even enhance them every now and then without totally removing them off.

It is of course better to give your nails the chance to breathe once in a while but for those who are looking for the type of fake nails which they could apply then they should know that the main two ones found out there are the gel and the acrylic nail types which are depended on for the longer periods of time, and there is also the silk fake nails which are needed to strengthen the nail tips or repair the nail trauma.

  • Acrylic Nails

The first type of fake nails is the acrylic one which is applied by mixing a liquid with a powder that the nail technician brushes on your nails at the end. The acrylic nails usually cover the whole nails although sometimes the nail technician will just add the tips to extend the nails. The acrylic nails harden when they are exposed to air, there is nothing to do in order to let them dry or give them the chance to harden, just wait for them for a couple of minutes and don’t worry about the strong odor that you might witness, it is not harmful.

Removing the acrylic nails is not a difficult task because the nail technician will just soak your hands and nails in a nail polish remover for about 15 minutes. If you applied the acrylic nail type, you have to make sure that you are taking care of your nails because if you accidently hit them, they might get lifted off the nail bed and when that seal is broken, you might get a yeast, fungus, or bacteria brewing in that space; so always pay attention to those nails you are applying.

  • Gel Nails

Gel nails are applied on the natural nails as well covering them all or just the tips to extend their length, but this fake nail type is not like the acrylic nails because in order for them to get dried, they will need to be placed under ultraviolet light (UV) for about two minutes in order for that product to cure. Usually when nail technicians are asked about which one is considered better and much safer for the nails, the answer would be the acrylic nails because the UV light might be a little bit harmful for the nails since it could cause cancer, but this is not even with a huge percentage because the hands are not exposed to a lot of UV light per session.

There are some differences to be found between the acrylic and the gel nails; gel nails are more expensive than the acrylic ones but at the same time they manage to hold their color for a longer period of time without chipping. Removing the gel nail polish is similar to the acrylic nails, they need to be soaked in nail polish remover or using the nail sized wraps filled with nail polish remover to loosen those fake nails. Just the same like the acrylic nails, the gel fake nails should be filled every two to three weeks because they tend to grow out with the nails.

Just the same like the acrylic nails, your nails might get easily infected if any of those nails is broken, not just that, but even if the nail is a little bit loose, it might also cause some infections, so always make sure that you are applying those gel nails correctly.

  • Silk Nails

The third type of fake nails which is not well known like the previous two ones is the silk nails and this is another one used by those who are attending a wedding or going for an important event. In order to get any of the fake nail designs, you should first choose which type you want to apply; is it the acrylic nails, the gel nails, or even the silk ones and then you will make sure that you are choosing the right place and technician to apply it and you are going to remove it in the correct ways.

The silk nails are different because they are like fabric wraps which the nail technician glue them in place in order to strengthen the nail or help a cracked one to grow; some of these wraps are made of silk but others are made of linen, paper, or fiber glass. These fake nails designs are applied by fitting the material to the shape of the nails, holding it in place, and then brushing on the glue. These nails are just temporary and will not stay for a long period of time and might even get off faster if you are getting in close contact with water, like washing the dishes, without wearing any gloves.

Getting the Fake Nail Shapes and Designs

After knowing more about how to make fake nails or how to apply them and after getting well introduced to the different types found out there and how they should be removed, you should now get the chance to know some of the important tips related to fake nails in order to know which one to choose and how you are supposed to take care of them.

Some of these tips include:

  • When you come to choose between the gel and the acrylic nails, you should know that the gel nails are considered more expensive but at the same time they stay for a longer period of time. On the other hand, the acrylic nails are considered a little bit safer because they don’t have to be dried when exposed to UV light which might cause cancer like the gel nails. The choice will be always hard to make, but you should always make sure to look more onto the side effects and see which one will be offering the least of them.
  • When you come to choose the nail salon and the nail technician who is going to work on your nails, you have to make sure that you are choosing a place that is clean, a place where the tools are disinfected between the clients. The nail technician who is going to work on your nails should wash her hands and should also ask you to do the same before starting the process.
  • Those who are not so well trained nail technicians might deal with your nails in the wrong manner, they might cut or even push the cuticles and this should never be done because breaking the seal between the finger nails and the nail bed might cause some infections, so always pay attention to the one making your nails for you and always make sure that they are not coming close to your cuticles.
  • Before you apply any type of these fake nails and before you head to the nail salon, you should always make sure that you are not sensitive to any of the ingredients used in these fake nails. Some women finish applying their nails and start to develop rashes or itchiness around the fingertips, the eyes, face or neck – which are the areas that the hands always reach out for, and that is when they should check back with their doctors and make sure that they are not sensitive to any of these ingredients.
  • You should get all the information needed from your nail technician before leaving regarding how to care for these nails, how to get fake nails off, etc. in order not to do something which you are not supposed to do, such as peeling off the artificial nails which is considered harmful because they will remove the first layer of the natural nails along with them and this will lead to getting poor nails which might get easily infected, so always get the right information from the technician before you leave and it is always considered better to go back when you want to remove those fake nails.
  • The most important tip to share with you is making sure to give your nails the chance to breathe a little bit in between all those fake nails you are applying; sometimes you will need to go natural and avoid your nails from getting close to any of these different ingredients.

Fake nails are usually used to make your nails look better on the occasions you are going to attend but the types found out there are not those which are applied for one or two days, the new ones could stay up to two weeks and you could even go and refill them when they grow with your nails. Even though these nails might give your nails the chance to look better, you should always let your nails breathe and give them the chance to stay away from all the ingredients you are exposing on them through these artificial nails you are using.

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