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Acrylic Nail Designs

Acrylic Nail Designs

It might surprise you to know that there are thousands of people searching for information and designs related to acrylic nails, and for some girls, it might even sound weird that people are really interested about doing things with their nails that are far more than applying nail polish. Nails and their designs can now go under a school, one that is mainly specified for doing all these artificial things in a way of trying to make the nails look more attractive. As any other artificial thing in this life, the acrylic nails are not as good as they look like, and there are different information that women should know about in order to protect themselves and their nails from such things.

What is Acrylic Nail Art?

Acrylic nail is just one type of the different artificial ways that women tend to do in order to change the way their nails look like. Those who do not know how these nails are applied, usually think that they are a replacement for the real nails, but the artificial nails are just an extension applied over the real ones in order to make them look better. Some of these acrylic nails could be easily spotted out, but there are those which mimic the real ones to a great extent, making it difficult for people to spot them out.

Today, there are millions of artificial things given to women convincing them that they will look better after using and applying them. There is one important note to keep in your mind all the time; anything that is artificial might look cute when applied by a professional person but you should not repeat the same process several times or live your whole life with these artificial things, because at some point you will realize that you are ruining all the natural things that are much better.

How is the Acrylic Nail Applied?

Being one of the different artificial nails that girls could get, there is a way for applying the acrylic nails and which you should be well aware of. The acrylic nails are a mixture of a powdered substance and a liquid that is applied by the nails technician by using a brush, some will cover the whole nail with it, while others add tips or a flexible form that they can sculpt to extend the nails.

These acrylic nails are treated the same way you treat the normal nail polish, it should be kept in the air without being touched in order to give it the chance to harden. When your nail technician is applying this acrylic artificial type, you will realize that there is a strong odor for it, but you should never worry about it being harmful because it is not.

Some people tend to keep those acrylic nails for a long period of time and this requires them to visit their nail technician every two or three weeks because these nails will grow with the natural real ones, so there will appear to be free spaces at the top which will need to get filled with acrylic one more time. This filing thing happens by gently filing down the acrylic edge that is closest to the nail bed and then filling in the empty area between the nail bed and the existing acrylic nail.

Removing those acrylic nails is not as hard as what you are imagining at this point, but on the other hand, they are removed in the easiest way possible out there. To remove those acrylic nails, you will just need to keep your nails soaked in a polish removal for about 15 minutes, and they will be all gone and easy to remove totally from the nails.

Tips for Getting Acrylic Nails Designs

In order to get those cute acrylic nails, there are different things to keep in your mind. Away from the different daily tasks that you might find them difficult to be achieved after getting those long acrylic nails, such as wearing your necklace on your own or cleaning the house as easily as you used to, there are some other tips to remember before getting those acrylic nails of your dreams.

  • Find the Nail Technician Who Will Understand You

There are those styles and designs that we say “WOW” to, and there are those which we just think how did the girl managed to make them without feeling disgusted. In order not to be one of the latter types of women and feel that your acrylic artificial nails are the closest thing to your real nails, you should find the nail technician who will be able to connect to you and your thoughts in some way. Getting artificial nails is not like applying one color of nail polish and then removing it just because you did not like it, but it takes time and you should be sure about what you want in order not to keep removing it all the time.

If the nail technician who you are dealing with truly understands you and your ideas, she will manage to do the right things that suits you and your personality and you will never regret doing them in the first place, otherwise, you might go back home really disappointed from what you have got.

  • Clean Your Hands and Nails All the Time

One important thing: acrylic nails might bring infection if they are not treated the right way and that is why you should always wash your hands and clean your nails all the time. Cleaning those nails will require a brush that you can use to go under these nails and remove any excess dirt and scrub junk out from under the tips. If you are not willing to look after your nails when you get those acrylic ones then don’t even think about making them.

  • Make Sure to Get a Filling When it is Needed

It is important to pay attention to your acrylic nails and the time they are passing by, because when the acrylic nails grow, you will need to get a filling for them. This is not only important for the way that your nails will look like, but if you don’t get those fills when needed, the nail is more likely to separate from the natural nail bed and thus will be exposed to nasty gunk. Go every two or three weeks to get those fillings.

DIY Acrylic Nails

Although those nails are usually done in a salon with the help of a nail technician, a lot of girls are trying to learn such hacks by themselves to save some money and save themselves the time of visiting the salon. There are different acrylic nail ideas that you could try; the easy and the hard, the short and the long, as well as the drawing or the plain. Here are the steps:

  • Get an Acrylic Nail Kit

If this is considered the first time for you to try it, then getting a kit will be helpful because it has all the different tools that you will need to use and will provide you with some instructions to follow at the same time. The most important thing to look at when you are buying acrylic nails is the descriptions on the package; it should have the word EMA (Ethyl Methacrylate) and not the MMA (Methyl Methacrylate) because this one is too hard for the natural nails.

  • Clean Your Nails and Clip Them

If you are already applying any nail polish then make sure to remove it completely before applying the acrylic nails because they should be applied on the natural nail directly. In addition to that, make sure to clip your nails to a good short length to make it easier to attach the tips and apply the acrylic nails. Use a nail file to make the surface of the nails harsher and less shiny because this will give the acrylic an easier way to stick to the nails.

  • Push Back Your Cuticles

To make those artificial nails appear as if they are natural, push the cuticles back or trim them to keep them out of the way. This could happen by using a wooden pusher although using the metal one will be much better.

  • Use the Nail Primer

This step is one of the most important before applying the acrylic. The nail primer is important because it removes any excess oils or remaining moisture from the nails and makes it easier for the acrylic to stick, because otherwise it might not stick to the nails. First, rub the surface of the nails with acetone and then apply the primer. The primer carries methacrylic acid which might burn, so try not to get close to the skin and do not apply too much of it, or else get the acid free primers.

  • Apply the Tips

This is the start of applying the acrylic nails themselves. At the beginning, you will need to apply the tips and cut them to the length that you prefer, and make sure that they are perfectly fitting your nails. This is done by using glue and waiting for a few seconds for it to dry; make sure that there is no glue on your skin. The tips should be glued so that they start at the middle of the nail surface.

  • Get the Acrylic Ready

To prepare the acrylic, pour the liquid acrylic into an acrylic dish and pour the acrylic powder into another separate dish; make sure that you are doing that in a ventilated room or area because acrylic produces fumes that might be toxic. Now load the acrylic brush with acrylic by dipping it in the acrylic dish; push it down all the way and get all the bubbles out, brush it on the side of the plate to remove any excess liquid, and then run the brush through the acrylic powder so that a small, moist ball collects on the end of the brush.

It is now the time to apply the acrylic on your nails; start at the “smile line” and flatten the acrylic ball on the brush over the line and brush it down to the tip. Spread the acrylic quickly and smoothly and then take another acrylic ball and place it near the cuticle but not too close, and with small circular movements, try to get the acrylic close to the cuticle without touching it. You should repeat the same process with all the other fingers.

Whether you need short acrylic nails or long ones, this will all be managed by you if you are doing them on your own or will depend on your nail technician. Acrylic nails might appear attracting to some people, but before applying them, they should make sure that they will be able to get used to them and the things they might not be able to do easily with them on, and at the same time, they should take all the precautions needed.

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